Three More Weeks!

Until school is out for me. Yea! This semester has been tough. It's kept me very busy. Now, those who know me in real life, know that busy is my middle name. But this is ridiculous. I can't wait to get back to some "real" knitting.

On April 1, I was one of the patient knitters awaiting the Yarn Harlot's arrival at the Ann Arbor District Library. All I can say, is Thank You, Brad. Brad was everyone's hero that day. That was the same day I started a sock in Socks That Rock lightweight, in the January One color way. My original plan was the Monkey sock from Knitty, but I Plan B'd it while waiting in line for the library to open. I didn't want to have to keep referring to the pattern while I was listening.

I now know how long it takes me to get from cast on to heel turn in my standard sock with a waffle pattern on the cuff. About as long as it takes to wait for the Harlot and get my book signed. 11:45 until 6:45. And the library closed at 6!

Next in the queue will be the Monkey socks and a Ribby Tank from ChicKnits. The stash is giving me the silent treatment this week, so I still have to decide which yarn I will use for the Monkey socks, but the Ribby Tank will be in some KnitPicks Shine Worsted. I love the idea of knitting in the round-the finishing work is so minimal that way.

I'll be back soon with more substantial knitting content AND some decent photos, if all goes well!


AlisonH said...

Brad is indeed a hero; sounds like you got a lot done. Meantime, my LYS became the first in northern CA to start selling Blue Moon yarn recently, and I could spend way too much money. Nice stuff!

Dez Crawford said...

HOwdy...saw your post on Harlot...we had the same problem when our new stove was delivered into the corner of the "L" in the kitchen with adjacent drawers.

You are not screwed. A good carpenter or cabinetmaker can narrow the drawers and reface the gap left behind for a relatively reasonable fee. Slightly less storage space is better than none!

planetKnit said...

Thanks for the tip, dez. I'll have to check into that.