Not Enough Time!

It seems the more I *want* to knit, the *less* time I have! Is that one of Murphy's Laws? I have made a little progress on the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl by Susan. I started on Saturday in between rounds of homework. That was my reward for completing tasks and to break up the monotony of sitting at the computer all day.

I'm using Mountain Colors Bearfoot in an unknown colorway. The ball band is currently MIA. It is a lovely mix of blue, purple, teal and little flashes of gold. I tried to make it be socks, but it just wasn't cooperating. The yarn seems much happier this way. This is a gift for my mother--she selected the yarn last year at The Fold. She just doesn't know it isn't going to be socks anymore.

There are socks calling me too. I have the Rockin Sock Club Kit from Blue Moon, as well as some stash whispering to me, well, OK, some of it is YELLING at me, that it wants to grow up into socks. I've been eyeing the Monkey socks from knitty in some lightweight STR in January One, that was a prize from Cara back in January. (Thanks, Cara!!) Plus, the Colinette Jitterbug that I mentioned last time is being kind of loud over there. Especially the Alizarine. The Lagoon is a little quieter.

Again, pictures to follow, when I figure this whole thing out. :)

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